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Tony Pearce

Eldon shafted and gripped some old oversize irons I wanted to keep. Measured me up, and delivered on a rush request with flying colours. Put them to use today and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Eldon to anyone looking for repairs/re shaft/grip, fitting and common sense advice. Excellent value for the money!!

Rick Fife

I needed a new set of clubs, and heard of Eldon.. Found him to be very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly..Fitted me and suggested what clubs are best for me..Less than a week later I received my clubs and tried them and couldn’t believe the difference ..Getting excited for the season to begin..Thanks Again Eldon for all your suggests and service, second to none..

Pete Saccoccia

A friend recommended that I see Eldon to re-grip my clubs. What an amazing experience. He not only re-gripped my clubs but fitted them to my size, analyzed my swing and gave me great tips. He is a wealth of golf knowledge and we are lucky to have him right here in Peterborough. I would urge all golfers who want to improve their game to visit Eldon.

Liz Makkay

Thank you, Eldon, for my new irons. They work wonderfully; I had the best round of the season the first time I played with them.

Jim Russell

Just picked up my new set from Eldon and couldn’t be happier! Make no mistake, it is worth the trip. This guy is the “golf whisperer” I learned more in the couple of hours of fitting and chat, then I have in all the reading, watching, and lessons over the years.
His own love of the game, and appreciation of the ballistic physics of ball flight, intersection of swing plain, and mind set to play the game is infectious.
Cant wait to get these in play!
I mean it, he is the Yoda of golf! :)
Will be back, and couldn’t recommend the experience more highly.
Thanks brother!!

Lesley & Lorne Foster

We have been going to Campbell’s Custom clubs for a long time and Eldon is very knowledgable. If your are looking for new clubs or power carts he’s the guy to see. I highly recommend anyone that enjoys golfing and wants to improve their game go get fitted by Eldon.

Rob Malcom

I came to eldon to be fitted and found the man to be very friendly, knowledgable, and well stocked. i came away with clubs that are fit to me and done with quality and pride. you will not get this from the big box stores. thanks eldon!!

John Holden

Eldon re shafted my driver changed my grip and did it all for a great price. In addition he sized my putter and gave me a couple of putting tips as well. Thanks so much Eldon. I would recommend Eldon’s service to anyone.

Rodger Truman

I have had clubs repaired & regripped & even a quick lesson on gripping the club properly & Eldon has been very accommodating & professional in his expertise. I would not hesitate recommending him for anything to do with golf. Sincerely, Rodger Truman.

Bruce Wilson

I contacted Eldon after reading about “same length ” clubs at Wishon Golf. When I went to visit him I was most impressed with the way he figured and showed me what was best for me as a golfer STARTING WITH A MINI-LESSON. While I did purchase a new driver and wedges he, in a very uncharacteristic approach told me that the rest of my clubs were just fine.

His knowledge of golf and clubs, I am sure, will help any level of golfer. Thanks Eldon-really enjoyed my visit!

Angela Minicola

I am an enthusiastic novice golfer and had purchased clubs that were too long. Eldon took measurements, cut the clubs to fit, re-gripped them, offered some helpful instruction and good advice. His professional approach, reasonable rates and timely service is commendable.

Robert Park

I would like to thank Eldon for the professionalism,patience,knowledge and most of all the expertise he demonstrated during my very first club fitting.I didn,t know what to expect from the club customization, but the outcome was a good learning experience.With the help of video and computerized analysis equipment Eldon was able to determine what equipment changes were needed to perfectly suit my swing.I would recommend any golfer to get properly fitted clubs especially from Campbells Custom Clubs.Thanks Eldon for helping me but my game on the right track.

Nelson Pickett

A friend who had been tested and fitted for a set of clubs recommended Eldon to me. I needed new grips and a minor repair on a club. I was very satisfied with the prompt service and then had my wife’s clubs re-gripped. We both have returned to have our clubs re-gripped and another repair to a club. Highly recommend Eldon’s service – where service is more than just a word.

Len Sheehan

I have known Eldon for many years and with his knowledge of the this great game we all play .Thinking of new clubs have Eldon do a fitting for you so you know what is the right club for you . shafts/ flex / lie what ever you need he can do.Eldon has all the stuff to do a great job.You want a better game the go see Eldon for all your golf needs he will look after you.

Jim Coughlin

I have dealt with Eldon over the past 15 years and have found his customer service and fitting expertise outstanding. Eldon fitted me with a set of KZG irons and driver last year and they have provided consistent distances across all of the irons and the driver has added more yardage but more importantly more accuracy off the tee. I usually get my clubs gripped twice a year and Eldon provides me with a wide selection of grips to choose from and his turn around time is second to none. I recommend him highly.

Rebecca Hubble

As a first time golfer, Eldon set me up with the perfect set of clubs to begin my love for golf. He was very patient with me, taught me some valuable golf techniques and connected me to local golfing instructors. Any issues that I’ve had he’s welcomed me back to fix the issues and has assisted me with any questions or concerns I’ve had. I 100% recommend Eldon Campbell’s service to anyone who golf’s or is interested in starting just like me!


I met Eldon years ago after inquiring about putting a new shaft in my driver. He said he could do it but suggested I be tested first. I had never been tested for any part of my game before so I thought I’d give it a try. I must say it was a pleasant experience. I was becoming a better golfer but didn’t realize the precision needed to build a club for my specific swing. I like the details in things and Eldon was very willing to explain why things work. I also had a test for my irons. After about 10 or so swings, Eldon brought out a club he already had pre-made that was very close to the specs I needed. I felt the difference on the first shot. Eldon’s skill and knowledge has made me more enthusiastic about golf. I went from a 10 handicap to a 3 in big part because of Eldon. I consider Eldon a friend and I highly recommend you let him fit your clubs.

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