Fitting Information


Why Custom Fit Golf Clubs?

Custom fit stats:

90% of golfers are playing with the wrong (ill fitted) equipment
92% of golfers who were custom fit with a launch monitor saw immediate improvement

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Custom fit golf clubs will ensure proper head style, set makeup, shaft length, shaft flex, grip, grip size and lie angle to allow the golfer to play to their full potential.

Every player can benefit with custom fit clubs!

At Campbells club fittings are “not” based on “AGE” or “GENDER”

There are Women capable of swinging a driver at 90 mph. and men that can only generate 70 mph. with a driver.

Clubs custom fit to you will improve:

  • your ball striking ability
  • lower your score
  • boost your confidence
  • raise your enjoyment in the game.



‘Custom Fit’ vs. ‘Off the Rack’

“OFF THE RACK” golf clubs are made to a generic standard. Not to anyone’s specific requirement, for shaft length, shaft flex, grip size and lie angle.

Our clubs are all built with quality components and assembled to your specific fitting requirements.
Visit Campbells Custom Clubs Inc. and see if your clubs are right for you.

We can analyse your current set of clubs and see if they are right for you!!!

So why continue making a good swing and hitting bad shots?